Advanced Chemical Solutions is an interdisciplinary contract research and manufacturing company, engaged in polymer materials science, colloid chemistry, and product development. We specialize in aqueous chemical systems, and we offer high performance fabrics for the digital textile printing industry. We work with a diverse array of scientists and engineers, in order to develop and commercialize novel polymer enabling technologies, in which we provide custom synthesis of proprietary organic materials. We are focused on generating new application-based and customer-focused business opportunities, especially digital textile printing and finishing solutions. A strong background in chemistry and chemical engineering, with expertise in surface and interfacial science, complements our ability to develop innovative chemical products, including highly sophisticated and complex polymeric systems, such as inks, coatings, and colloidal dispersions. Our highly diverse experience in a wide range of technically advanced materials-based industries uniquely positions us to develop novel enabling technologies that enhance the performance of a wide array of fully formulated aqueous-based chemical systems.

Dr. Jerry Pinto CEO

Aqueous Chemical Systems

Inks; Dispersions; Coatings

Nanoparticle Enabling Technology

Fabric Pretreatment

Fabric Finishing
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