Advanced Chemical Solutions, LLC is a technology development company, focusing on advanced materials, digital textile printing, and multi-functional fabric finishing solutions for the fashion apparel, hospitality, and home furnishings markets. Founded in 2008 by President and CEO, Dr. Jerry Pinto, ACS, LLC is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, with operations in the United States. ACS, LLC is an interdisciplinary research and technology development company, engaged in polymer materials science, colloid chemistry, and nanotechnology. We specialize in green, aqueous-based chemical systems and recently established a revolutionary digital textile printing service using Fabachrome technology, the company's patented sublimation printing process and proprietary fabric finishing technology; it is the world's first steamless digital textile printing technology, capable of meeting the aesthetic, quality, and performace demands of the apparel and home furnishings industries.
The Fabachrome sublimation process enables digital printing on all natural, biodegradable, non-polyester substrates. Fabachrome is a sustainable process; it eliminates essentially all of the toxic chemical processes associated with the printing, steaming, and washing operations that are involved in conventional digital and screen printing, thus resulting in cleaner water and less energy use. The fabric pretreatment chemistry contains no formaldehyde, halogenated flame retardants, vinyl plasticizers, or any other toxic chemicals, such as heavy metals, carcinogens, or volatile organic compounds. The aqueous formulation is permanently integrated within the structure of the fabric, without affecting the hand, the drape, or the breathability of the fabric. Fabachrome performace fabrics are essentially 100% washfast, while also manifesting excellent stain and abrasion resistance. And Fabachrome sublimation prints are ideal for photorealistic images because of their very high resolution, even manifesting translucent and opalescent effects on certain fabrics, such as silk charmeuse.
Because Fabachrome performance fabrics are manufactured using standard textile finishing processes, essentially any fabric may be prepared for sublimation printing, enabling for the very first time, natural fabrics, such as silk, cotton, linen, and rayon, to be used in sublimation printing processes. Fabachrome enables interior designers and manufacturers to "choose any fabric." ACS, LLC provides custom digital textile printing services, here in the United States. With its manufacturing and printing operations here in America, lead times are reduced from months to days. A new generation of designers is emerging, seeking to leverage the creative potential of digital textile printing for actual short-run production, as manufacturers and retailers benefit from very rapid turnaround, sustainable processes, and local sourcing. Embodying breakthrough technology, Fabachrome sublimation printing is redefining production textile printing. And ACS's vertically-integrated workflow ensures very tight control over the entire production process, from fabric pretreatment to digital textile printing.

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