Advanced Chemical Solutions, LLC is a technology development company, specializing in digital textile printing and multi-functional fabric finishing solutions. The Fabachrome brand is a revolutionary digital textile printing technology that enables sublimation printing onto all natural fabrics.  Fabachrome technology can be integrated across the entire textile supply chain, from yarn manufacturing to fabric pretreatment, allowing leading brands and manufacturers to bring the technology to market, in a variety of natural fiber-based finished products, such as T-shirt knits, silk dresses, pillows, upholstery, and other fabric-based consumer goods. Advanced Chemical Solutions, LLC has partnered with several firms in the textile supply chain, in order to bring the technology to market. And we have recently established a digital textile printing service, using Fabachrome technology. And now, because sublimated apparel producers, such as team uniform vendors, may easily incorporate Fabachrome textiles into their printing workflow, moisture-wicking cotton may be digitally printed in a steamless process.

Fabachrome is premised upon environmentally sustainable principles. The aqueous pretreatment is formulated without any toxic chemicals, and the sublimation process eliminates those toxic chemical processes associated with conventional printing, steaming, and washing operations. This results in cleaner water and less energy use, even as the printing workflow is greatly simplified. The aqueous pretreatment is permanently integrated within the structure of the fabric, without affecting the hand, the drape, or the breathability of the fabric. And Fabachrome performance fabrics also manifest excellent stain and abrasion resistance. In essence, Fabachrome is the first steamless, multi-functional fabric printing and finishing technology that may also be integrated with other cutting-edge performance technologies, such as moisture-wicking cotton for the sports apparel industry.

Fabachrome™ textiles are revolutionary high performance digital textile fabrics that utilize our patented, proprietary technology, designed from the molecule up.

The Fabachrome pretreatment is permanently infused within the fibers of any arbitrary fabric, ranging from silk charmeuse to cotton duck to linen to rayon, thereby imparting outstanding stain-resistance, without changing the natural, soft hand of the underlying textile. Because Fabachrome performance fabrics are manufactured using standard textile finishing processes, essentially any fabric may be prepared for sublimation printing, enabling, for the very first time, natural fabrics, such as silk, cotton, linen, and rayon, to be used in sublimation heat transfer operations.





     Fabachrome is Sustainable Digital Textile Printing


Fabachrome digital textile printing is the sustainable alternative to traditional print, steam, and wash processes. Our advanced sublimation printing technology essentially eliminates all of the toxic chemical processes associated with conventional screen printing operations, thus resulting in cleaner water and less energy use. Our green chemistry contains no formaldehyde, halogenated flame retardants, vinyl plasticizers, or any other toxic chemicals, such as heavy metals, carcinogens, or volatile organic compounds. Fabachrome is a sustainable solution, the green, environmentally-conscious alternative for manufacturing custom printed textiles in the 21st century. Choose any fabric.





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